Nothing looks, rides and lasts like a Van Nicholas.

Client Van Nicholas
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The challenge.

Van Nicholas, the titanium bike experts, have recently launched their new brand website. Together with the digital identity team of Snakeware they have redesigned the complete look and feel, including UX/UI, colour scheme and the webshop, with a focus on usability and user experience. The launch of the new website is the first translation of the new Van Nicholas statement ‘Nothing looks, rides and lasts like a Van Nicholas’.

About Van Nicholas.

Van Nicholas began life as a Dutch family company before becoming part of the famous Dutch bike brand Koga in 2012. Every member of the team is mindful of the proud tradition of cycling in Holland, and shares a passion for this legacy of innovation in form and function. Van Nicholas are all united in their quest to achieve perfection in modern bicycle design; in constructing the bikes to the highest possible standard; in unparalleled customer service; in delivering the Van Nicholas experience with pride. We are dedicated to providing the ride of a lifetime, for a lifetime of riding, wherever you are in the world.

Technology and [craftmanship.]

The central tenet of our philosophy is simple, old-fashioned craftsmanship. No one cares more about the finished product than the skilled workers who put their names to it. The designer, the fabricator, the mechanic. But believing in craftsmanship does not mean we ignore modern technologies. We are constantly seeking to evolve. For example, we created the first Seamless Hydroformed Titanium frame and a divisible road handlebar, specifically designed for the Rohloff Speedhub. We also design and manufacture our own range of state-of-the-art apparel and components. 

Bicycle experience.

Perfection in a modern bicycle design. The highest possible standard. Unequalled customer service. A Van Nicholas experience we extend with pride. The pursuit of giving you the bicycle experience of your life, for a lifetime of cycling, wherever you are in the world. A website that stands for quality and the highest performances of the Titanium Van Nicholas Bicycles.

We believe that ‘nothing looks as good, rides as nice and is so durable as a Van Nicholas. But do not believe us on our word, just look at! We hope you agree with us.

Ralph Moorman General Manager Van Nicholas

it is up to you.

A dream comes true. Save your dream bike for future reference, continue straight to the check-out to turn your dream into reality, or simply continue tweaking to your heart's content. Pre-configured settings help you get started, and a wide range of quality components make it possible to create hundreds of potential bike configurations. Each selection immediately alters the look, weight, and price.

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