With attention to positive health.

Client St Jansdal
Sector Health care
Services UX/UI design Content strategy Front-end development Back-end development SEO

The challenge

With 130 medical specialists, 1750 employees and more than 300 volunteers, the regional St Jansdal Hospital offers high-quality care. The hospital is valued for its personal character. This is reflected in a patient rating of 8.7.

To remain a fully-fledged hospital that offers all basic care. A hospital that independently determines its policy and is one of the best hospitals. A hospital where you are heard and supported. Where you have control over your care process and where you feel at ease in a familiar atmosphere.


You take care of each other. It sounds simple. It sounds casual. But it says everything about the mutual involvement in the catchment area of St Jansdal. Because the care of St Jansdal is close by if possible, far away if necessary.

The digital challenge

Our challenge is to merge business strategy and user needs into a new digital experience. To make a whole of strategy, creation and content. Looking for simplicity. The focus on positive health. The high-quality care. The personal character of the organisation.


In various creative sessions we built the digital brand of St Jansdal. Looking for structure and consistency for the user. We laid cards, we stuck a wall full of post-its, we all made drawings. From a large amount of data to a balance in information. From a complex, large navigation to understandable clear language. People. Warm shades. Simplicity. Clear. Because we believe that a pleasant environment, whether online or offline, contributes to healing.

The translation

The first steps had been taken. User stories were written. Stories were refined. They were prioritized. An information architecture was mapped to get a clear picture. It was tested and tested. Choices were made: "Will the marketing sites remain on a separate URL, or will we integrate it?" We sought balance in the information from the specialty pages. Step by step we came close to the ultimate goal: the best online environment for St Jansdal its users.

Design choices

Design, image and copy are in line with the intuitive interface; friendly, simple, personal. In which the quality of care is central. In which the simple and casual "You take care of each other" is incorporated. With attention to positive health. This is how St Jansdal lives up to its promise.

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Ate van der Meer
Senior Information Analyst
Rob Douma
Online Marketeer
Adi Mlivić
Front-end Developer
Remco Herrema
UX/UI Designer
Martien Oosterkamp
Senior Project Manager
Stefan van Ruiten