The great web shop of Poeisz.

Client Poiesz Supermarkten B.V.
Sector Retail
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The challenge

The North is a special part of the Netherlands. With expansive nature, rich culture and own customs and language. All this translates into Poiesz. A family business that started about 95 years ago in the heart of Sneek, the water city of Friesland. Poiesz is the only independent supermarket chain in the North and therefore they know what lives and plays in the region. They make shopping more fun and easier by supplying an appropriate range in their 68 stores with everything needed on a daily basis. The challenge was presented to Snakeware to translate this into an online store, so that Poiesz can also be great with this.

At least 90 super offers

Poiesz has at least 90 super offers for its customers every week. These are presented in the weekly brochure, but of course are also be found on their website. And with the arrival of the webshop, the customer can now immediately order it. In addition, Poiesz is one of the first supermarkets with a mobile cash register for the real-time payment of groceries at delivery to the kitchen.

A close collaboration with short lines of contact, in which we made the right decisions step by step in a continuous process. We also gave Snakeware the space to take on their role as experts, both in design and in technical terms. We see that in the ease of use of the website.

Marlou Osinga Marketeer Poiesz Supermarkten B.V.

Easy and fast

We have translated the entire Poiesz range, including the new meal service, into a super web store where everyone from the North can easily and quickly fill their shopping basket. All orders placed before 11pm are delivered free of charge the next day or can be picked up at the nearby Poiesz supermarket.

The speed of the webshop is great, especially if you know what data has to be delivered and processed "behind the scenes". Of course we will continue to work with Snakeware to continuously optimize the webshop, so that it continues to meet the customer's wishes

Marlou Osinga Marketeer Poiesz Supermarkten B.V.
Order your groceries online at Poiesz
Ordered before 23:00, delivered for free or pick up tomorrow


Constantly building results. With the latest techniques and a clear intuitive design. All data is integrated in the webshop and even, in collaboration with Toshiba, a mobile cash register for on-site payment. Iteratively strengthen the customer's online proposition and build the data driven commerce environment of Poiesz. High ambitions translated soberly. To ensure this in collaboration with our customer, a think, make, check process is constantly taking place, which yields insights that are used to adapt better to the digital environment and to the needs of our customer. The iterative collaboration between Poiesz and Snakeware affects the speed of innovation and the online growth within Poiesz.

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