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Client Lucas Bols
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The challenge.

The world doesn’t exist without taste. It is the reason why the Bols family started their distillery in 1575. Lucas Bols is one of the oldest active companies in the Netherlands and the oldest distilled brand in the world. For over 440 years now they have been a master in the art of distilling, mixing, and blending recipes and flavours in great cocktail experiences. The question to Snakeware: ‘Add Lucas flavour to the web’.

About Lucas Bols.

Lucas Bols is the world’s oldest distilled spirits brand and one of the oldest Dutch companies still active. Building on our heritage dating back to 1575, we have mastered the art of distilling, mixing, and blending old recipes with new flavours for our portfolio of premium and super-premium brands. Our high-quality products are sold in more than 110 countries around the world. We have a portfolio of more than 20 brands across a range of spirits products, including liqueurs, gin, and vodka. 

The history.

The experience of the unique and typical Dutch brand had to be translated to the web in a suitable way. The digital identity team of Snakeware started to work with the fusion of; ‘people having a good time’ and ‘the history of craftsmanship to an online concept’. This concept must have a solid appearance towards the financial parties, but also the flashing style towards the bartenders. A world of difference. The search for the ideal combination. The wow factor for everyone.

I’m bummed about the bad image gin has with a large part of the public. Gin is a high-quality product of which you hope consumers will learn the value’.

Piet van Leijenhorst Masterdistiller Lucas Bols


In the past 440 years, Lucas Bols became master in the art of extracting flavours from natural ingredients and creating an amazing cocktail experience. This brought them where they are now, at the absolute top. The number one liqueurs range worldwide (except for the US) and the biggest player in the gin segment worldwide. Add history to your cocktail with the spirits of Lucas Bols.


A distinguished website of a unique and typical Dutch brand. Pure photography around craftmanship. A distillery that is still operating the same way it was four centuries ago. From the heart. A heart of all the products, the distillery. The world of taste, scent, and smell. A world that is hiding behind the glitter and glamour of bartending. For a big audience, because Bols is loved in over 110 countries. Loved for its liqueurs, gin, and vodka. A big world of cocktails. Bols has the largest database of cocktails, with 18,000 recipes. Innovation for and with bartenders. Let it taste well, and have fun.

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