Traditional hand-crafted tableware.

Client Hering Berlin
Sector B2B
Services UX/UI design Front-end development Strategie Back-end development Snakeware.Cloud

The challenge

Hering Berlin stands for high-quality, handmade porcelain with a clear design language and innovative decorations that reveal the essence of this unique material. Founder and product designer Stefanie Hering, herself a trained master ceramist, constantly explores the limits of the achievable in her designs and wants to work with the best people in the market.

Hybrid website

In collaboration with the design team of Hering Berlin, we have created a hybrid website that runs on Magento for the shop part and makes clever use of the Snakeware.Cloud platform for the branding and content pages. A seamless hybrid site has been created with a team of CX, UX, developers and marketers, which contributes to the branding and worldwide sales of Hering Berlin porcelain.