The largest mediahouse in the Netherlands.

Client DPG Media
Sector Media
Services UX/UI design Front-end development Strategie Back-end development Discovery Snakeware.Cloud

The challenge

The largest media house in the Netherlands, with 1200 journalists who work on quality news every day. Offline through newspaper and magazine, online on websites and applications on tablet and smartphone. In text, image, sound and video.


A leading publisher of national, regional and local news brands, radio and websites; AD, de Volkskrant, Trouw, Het Parool, Tubantia, De Gelderlander, BN DeStem, de Stentor, Brabants Dagblad, Eindhovens Dagblad, PZC, many door-to-door newspapers, ADR Nieuwsmedia, De Ondernemer,,,,,, Independer,,, MyChannels, and Qmusic. Established brands, made with care and attention. Brands you can trust. Also when it comes to reach figures and views. Insightful and transparent.


For all these brands, DPG Media was looking for a digital partner who, based on reliable tooling, could make an impact with regard to market automation and digital asset management. DPG Media wanted a platform with which they could realize, streamline, optimize and secure all types of 1-on-1 marketing online and offline.

Future proof

  During the selection, Snakeware, as a hybrid agency, met several times with DPG Media. Sharing knowledge, discussing Snakeware software options. Sharing vision on market automation, content management, headless environments, new frontend frameworks, as well as future proof tooling around asset management. DPG Media and Snakeware found each other in the applicable Microsoft Framework and the Snakeware software expertise, as well as the versatility of the API-driven output of the platform, allowing DPG Media with its own teams of frontend specialists to put together all kinds of dynamic sites to use the Snakeware.Cloud software to serve visitors relevant content.


The system has been given the name MADAM: "Market Automation Digital Asset Manager". For over a year, a team of Snakeware developers in Sneek has been working on the solution, which works on both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, uses all kinds of APIs and is able to serve dynamic content pages at lightning speed. The program is linked to various DPG Media data sources, which means that it is continuously fed with real-time data from all sources relevant to DPG Media.

Marketeer en frontend together in lead

Marketers of the publishing company set out the broad lines of the campaign through the user-friendly dashboards and content management options within MADAM and, together with in-house frontend developers, create the frontends based on the latest frameworks. By using the MADAM API and applying smart algorithms, visitors are presented truly relevant and personal offers.


Johan Nieuwenhuis, CTO and founder of Snakeware, speaks of a "challenging and innovative" assignment. “The software we have realized automates and enriches all content and campaigns. This allows marketers to work on actual 1-to-1 marketing campaigns, based on current visitor interests. They can also continuously optimize the campaigns, whereby insights accelerate. This makes the system increasingly efficient. ”


In addition to efficiency, Snakeware has paid special attention to a user-friendly interface and useful tools, such as an advanced search function within the campaign environment.

Continuous development

The first phase of MADAM has now been launched and is being used by DPG Media. Phase two, with further development based on data and user feedback, is currently under discussion. Due to the continuous development and intensive cooperation, we follow a nice flow of wishes, requirements and improvements that are all flown in by user and customer. Meanwhile, a very nice list is already ready, to jointly optimize the services based on MADAM even further.

Firm foundation for the future

Where users already apply the new software for all online recruitment channels of DPG Media and visitors 'simply' see a fast-loading and relevant site with clear conversion points and goals, there is much more done under the surface than simply providing a system that simply does its job. The beauty of this partnership with DPG Media and in fact all partnerships that Snakeware enters into with its clients is the collaboration between brand, strategy, processes, design, content and technology, which, through everyone's expertise and role within the partnership concerned, leads to the above results and successes. DPG Media has a solid foundation with MADAM on which the largest Mediahuis in the Netherlands can not only be great on all those online and offline media, including many well-known newspaper titles such as AD, Trouw and Volkskrant, but also on innovative digital services.


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