The best digital supermarket of the Netherlands.

Client DekaMarkt
Sector Retail
Services UX/UI design Front-end development Strategie Back-end development

The challenge

In this fleeting world, where there is never enough time, we still have the need for time. For attention. Something we think is very important at DekaMarkt. In everything we do. We have attention for the best products, which we want to know everything about. Where they came from. Who’s behind them. Attention for the local people. We help them in our stores, but we also help with beautiful projects in the neighbourhood. This way we have attention for everyone, and of course, also for you. With nice offers, something beautiful to collect, or – not unimportantly - just attention for your wallet. DekaMarkt, attention is our craft.

Attention for service and comfort.

The customer needs time, service, and comfort, and we have attention for these needs. DekaMarkt understands and notices that the customer is constantly changing. They choose which channel they want to use, and when they would like specific products to be delivered at their home. Our customers want to be inspired and experience the trusted DekaMarkt service and attention on the online channel. And that's exactly what DekaMarkt is doing. By responding to the customer journey and by centralizing every stage, the customer will always be treated with attention during the online purchase of groceries. From inspiration to aftercare. 


On the other side we are getting tired of the many choices. There are too many options. Too much information. Too many products. Dozens of different butters, sodas, yoghurts. Based on historical behaviour we are seeking the ultimate assortment. Specially selected for you. No gut feeling, but based on data. This is how we can offer specific suggestions. By using smart algorithms and historical behaviour. You can check your groceries fast and easy, and they will be delivered at your home, right up to your kitchen table.

‘The ambitions are skyscraper-high, but realistic and necessary. The intensive collaboration has had a huge influence on the duration of the innovation, the progress in the customer journey, and on the overall experience. This is the way to become the best online supermarket in the Netherlands.’

Bart Vos Digital Shop Manager DekaMarkt


Continuously building on inspiration. Multidisciplinary and agile collaboration. Gathering knowledge and strengths. Dynamic teams with fresh ideas. To strengthen the online proposition and to expand and renew the e-commerce platform in an agile way. The ambitions are skyscraper-high. To achieve this, there is a need for visibility towards the customer. By working together intensively and by bringing innovation and new functionalities towards our customers in short sprints. A constant process of inspection and adaption takes place, which provides insights that can be used immediately to adjust the digital environment to the needs of our customer. The intensive collaboration between DekaMarkt and Snakeware has had a huge influence on the duration of the innovation and the growth of the platform. To innovate. To challenge each other. The goal: Adding joy to online grocery shopping based on the needs of the user.

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