Content management.

Snakeware is build out of proved technology. We believe in proved technology. We’re are being appreciated by our big group of clients because of our strength, simplicity and the flexibility, for over 17 years. Nowadays user-friendly content management means more than adjusting and publishing content like texts, pictures and other media. That is why we’re offering the only integrated experience management platform: content, data, commerce and interaction on every device in one solution with Snakeware CMS. With CMS you can organise a complete end-to-end customer experience.

The integrated melting of identity, content and data together is the starting point for a correct customer journey. All the information can be moved from the central source to different media and devices like websites, web shops, intranet, narrowcasting screens, social media, print, mobile and on location. In the right shape, with the right function and always relevant.

Our mission.

“It’s our mission to create result driven e-business solutions.”


We’re automating the process. Causing the content, in the right shape, in the right place and regardless of the channel or the device to encourage the target for making an (inter)action. Working on one consistent brand experience. That’s how we add value. That’s how you control your brand. Control your content. We’re building the best digital environment together. That’s the core of the Snakeware projects. The developing of customer orientated services instead of using the standardization or mediocre solutions. That’s also the success of Snakeware: We think, build and manage, together with our clients, e-business applications, using our own web content management software and the smart use of data, software and services to ensure the best results for our clients.


Our web content management platform is designed with an open vision. Our CMS is extremely suitable for realising the links with a great diversity in data sources like CRM-systems, ERP-systems, reservation systems by using the many open standards.



The content management system is modular expandable and has a wide range of modules, plug-ins and widgets in addition to the extensive standard functionality to expand the management environment as desired.   

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