Mobile marketing in the real world context. The Lightcurb platform, the biggest ibeacon platform of the world, in the home of Snakeware. The Lightcurb platform is the tool to execute the campaigns simple and fast. With the help of the user-friendly platform you can activate the interaction on location between human and brand without programming a code.


“A unique open platform to maintain a valuable one-on-one relation with the client.”

Relevant content.

You can make the campaigns relevant by working with different personalisation settings in the online dashboard. Think of gender. Of age. Of time range and/or the distance to the beacon. You can fill in the actions as you’d like. Relevant content based on the profile, the location and the moment.

Beacon analytics.

The Lightcurb platform offers valuable statistics and information about the visitor behaviour on the offline location. How many visitors have been on location. How long did they stay? How many percent is a returning visit? By means of the KPI dashboard you have a full insight in the quality and quantity of your beacon groceries.


Besides using the free Lightcurb app, we have developed a SDK for the beacon technology integration inside your own app.

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