The existence.

The oil that keeps the engine running. The sun that makes the company shine. In a DNA, all the brand information assembles. Both emotionally and functionally. Motives. Promises. Core values and especially passion. The distinctive and unique part of the whole. The ‘why’ of your daily actions. The choices you make. The existence. The benefit for your clients. It is the measurer you have to use with all your expressions.

DNA is like a computer program but far, far more advanced than any software ever created.

Bill Gates Microsoft


A correct DNA provides connection. A DNA that tells the essence. One that sees main affairs and additions. It’s the story that goes beyond a beautiful story. A consistent story. A story that shares knowledge, rather than selling it. A story that matches with the need. With the right words. With the right feeling. In the right shape.

A process.

DNA is the beginning of everything. Identity is essential. It’s from where you can build. Building your brand. But building a digital DNA isn’t a project. It’s a process. A process that takes longer than a definition or a writing on A4. It’s a continuing process of Think. Make. Check. Recognizable for your public. Clear. Honest.


The correct implementation of the digital DNA provides the warranty for an optimised and successful digital collaboration between the company, the customers and the society. We call it an experience like no other. This can be done in one way only. The melting of knowledge, creativity and technology together. In the right shape. In the right function.

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