A way of thinking.

An approach to solve problems. The final user of a technology, service or product is the centre in this method. Design thinking; makes things uncomplicated. Makes things working. Design Thinking divides the main affairs and additions. Beautiful or ugly, experience stands above it.

It might sound strange, but Design Thinking is more about ‘doing’ than ‘thinking’. The method is about the power of logic, imagination and intuition to not just solve a problem, but to discover possibilities together to create the ideal situation for the final user.

Design Thinking is about the best connection between the needs of the people and a technological executable product which is viable as a business strategy.


Design Thinking is a process. A process of experimenting. Prototypes. Working together and constantly improving. What does and what doesn’t work? To create improvements in a smart and creative way. From existing thinking patterns. Searching for a meaning. For a movement. For value for the final user. The value experienced by the final user is the centre of the customer projects of Snakeware. The key to an experience like no other.

If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said a faster horse.

Henri Ford Ford

Thinking and doing.

Design Thinking is thinking as a designer in everything you do. For the development of your products and services. For your processes. For your strategy. Within the technological possibilities. We can tell from experience that a designer always thinks the glass is half full. They always want to go forward. He sees an opportunity in every change. A chance to make something new. Gather information. Sketch a future scenario. Test ideas. Until every customer is 100% satisfied.

Digital transformation.

Design Thinking and digital transformation match well together. An increasing part of the customer journey is happening in the digital domain. By melting Design Thinking, Agile and Lean together in one iterative process, we can provide an ‘experience like no other’ with our clients. Modern technology. A scalable content platform. The qualities to respond to the changing needs and wishes of the demanding customers of today.

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