Nothing looks, rides, lasts like a Van Nicholas

New brand website

Recently Van Nicholas, The Titanium Bike Experts, launched their new brand website. Together with the experienced digital identity team of Snakeware the entire look and feel is redesigned from scratch, including UX/UI, color scheme and webshop, focusing on usability and an exceptional user experience. Launching the new brand website is exciting for the titanium bike experts because translating the vision ‘Nothing Looks, Rides or Lasts like a Van Nicholas’ to an unique digital production is challenging.


Ralph Moorman, General Manager Van Nicholas: “we believe Snakeware’s experience and dedicated team really hit the right spot. The new website represents the quality and high performance of our titanium bikes and is an experience like no other."

Beautiful design meets user experience

Beautiful design meets user experience and high speed online. The high score, 100 percent mobile friendliness and up to 93 percent for speed, as measured on the new website of Van Nicholas is done via Google Page Speed. With Google Page Speed ​the ​performance of a page is measured on mobile devices and desktops. The score has a value between 0 and 100 points, which indicates how well the page performs. The Page Speed ​​is used by Google along with a lot of other factors to calculate the ranking of a website in search results.


Set out under low clouds of a grey day

Head down into prevailing winds, push hard, against the currents, drop low, tuck in, make light work of your endeavour, fool your mind and dupe your legs, because the greatest part, the sweetest pleasure, over sweeping road up fearsome hill, hides in never-say-die, the refusal to be cowed, the pedal's constant turning, the failure not allowed, and that's the reason, fighting pain and doubt with grit and grim determination, you keep on, and on, and on.  

About Van Nicholas

Van Nicholas is a Dutch Titanium bicycle manufacturer, expert in designing and fabricating high end Titanium frames and components for Road, Mountain, and Touring. Our mission is to create the ultimate lifelong cycling experience for every individual customer. We are committed to innovation, passionate about the balance of form and function, and continuously striving for perfection. The My Van Nicholas Customizer web tool allows you to create your ideal Van Nicholas with real-time price, component and weight changes, and then deliver it direct to your door, with a lifetime guarantee. Van Nicholas is part of Accell Nederland Ltd.



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