From its start in 1999, Snakeware has been developing one user friendly platform to manage digital content, commerce and marketing in the cloud. We've developed Snakeware CMS for and by its end users, in other words: the editors and marketers of our clients. With our intuitive dashboard you can manage all kinds of data driven commerce solutions. Such as, websites, webshops, narrowcasting (digital signage), interactive kiosks, intranet, or even print, and always in a user-friendly way.

Privacy and security

Snakeware CMS is constantly monitored and automatically provided with updates, upgrades and audited once a year by a third party on possible weak spots in the architecture and code. By constantly investing in both Snakeware CMS and its middleware we keep the environments we build and manage for our customers safe. Privacy and Security are focus points within the projects that Snakeware executes with its clients.

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